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'A Beginner's Guide to Quarantine' dir: Kristyna Archer

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A fun and inventive short, the production design was clever and playful and the script had me giggling all the way through to the credits.  

Warner Music Entertainment

"Well done for doing the art direction for yourself, but there were a few shots where it just wasn't doing its job and looked really sloppy, or was that the joke? It was a bit distracting, I think if you're going to go for that kind of art direction, detail is important and might be better to delegate this to someone else who can focus on making it perfect and it will help enhance the overall tone of the film. There were some funny moments, love the tongue in cheek humor and the sarcasm, but the narration was so low energy and at times I couldn't hear what she was saying, with that kind of humor it still needs to be performed to keep the viewer engaged. Still very impressive to have done this all on your own, in quarantine, just think there are certain levels to the craft like sound, music, editing, performance that could've been taken a level up by using people with those skills to help you with it. (of course challenging in the quarantine set up, but maybe the help in post prod could've helped)."

Wieden + Kennedy

A fun video! Improvements could be done with backdrops and pacing.


Director's Description of the Film:

Quarantine Survival Tips from a Born-Again Optimist.

Director's Bio:

My journey as a director has grown from merging my background in photography into my filmmaking sensibilities. I enjoy making vibrant hyperreal stylized worlds, exploring the surreal and the absurd, with a proclivity towards irony. I recently signed with Dress Code in the US and Fort Lee in France.

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