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AMV BBDO, London

SHINYlist round 6/ Q&A: AMV, BBC Studios, Sony Music, LBBOnline

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As you can see in the photos, we were full-to-bursting at AMV BBDO, one of the world's leading advertising agencies - not bad on a windy January evening, with Storm Brendan doing its damnedest outside.

It was a terribly classy guestlist too, attended by production company royalty, top name brands and production services across the board. Emerging director heaven!

The panel were amazing. Our opening theme was trends - what are you sick of seeing? Useful and memorable responses included seeing enough second-rate dance in music videos, and worthy voiceovers about purpose in commercials & branded content. What are the welcome trends in work? Panelists continue to enjoy the film and digital format mix, and crossover of artist & creatives from one field into another.

The Q&A favourite - how to get emails opened by commissioners - included the time-honoured and still very relevant advice to get the recipient's name right.

AMV served up pizza and drinks to satisfy the hordes, with an after-show in the White Horse down the road.




Photographer: Conor Muir-Cochrane

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