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Breaking into Ad Agencies: Nadja Lossgott from AMVBBDO, Charlotte Regan from Knucklehead

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Who should watch? New directors and producers. Production companies who want to make more connections with ad agencies.

What will you learn? How big budget campaigns are commissioned. The role of ECDs in that commissioning process. How to get on pitch lists, the basic requirements and how to stand out.

What ECDs are looking for from new directors. Just how hard is it to break into this level of work?

What is it about Charlotte's work that catches the eye of commissioners and curators?

Find out what seperates the 'almost there' directors from the 'made it' directors.

Why you'd be mad to miss this: Directing TV commercials is how many directors make a great living. If this career option is in your sights, grab this rare opportunity to ask questions and learn from leading people in this field.

We're also joined by Somayeh, new director who submitted 'I See You', which was then selected by our industry experts


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