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CANADA, RPA and The Mill

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!! Director Showcase !!

You know every video submitted to Shiny gets reviewed by our unique, world class industry network?

Well these are the videos with the best reviews.

Catch the livestream on our Facebook and find recordings of all our Shiny Shows there and on YouTube.

These directors - Manuel Tatasciore, Jessie Ayres and Serafima Serafimova - show their videos, and ask these VIPs - Marta Bobic (EP, CANADA), Tanya Fearon (Producer, The Mill) and Isadora Chesler (RPA) anything they like about careers in directing. Plus Shiny Underground and Opportunity Knocks. Here’s the links you need to see the videos and follow through on other links mention during the show

Sponsor: The Mill

Shiny Underground donor: Snapper

Shiny Underground activists: Livity and @livityuk


Manuel Tatasciore: Woody Woodpecker for Taxi B

Jessie Ayres: ‘Waves’

Serafima Serafimova: ‘Still Life’

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Opportunity Knocks links

Head of Music Videos and Stink Rising

DaDa Fest

Shore Scripts

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