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HARBOR, New York


SHINYlist round 5/ Q&A: Atlantic Records, HARBOR, Vimeo Staff Picks

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SHINY's first New York event - and we were at HARBOR's Grand, the biggest sound mixing studio on the East Coast of America.
The showcase videos looked and sounded amazing - directors who had their videos screened absolutely loved seeing their work at such scale.

Once again, there was a first class panel line-up. Joe Boyd, Director Video Production has been a music video commissioner at Atlantic Records for years and commissions videos from $1million to $5k budgets. He shared tips on how to catch his eye, how to pitch and what artists want from music videos. Rebecca Siegel is EP and HoP for HARBOR's commercial division. She shared invaluable knowledge from how commercial commissioners differ from music video commissioners, to the importance of having spec ads on new directors' reels. Ina Pira is one of the four Vimeo Staff Picks curators. She shared insights into the Vimeo curating process and how trends affect - or don't affect - their approach to decision-making.

Pizza, beer and friendly chit-chat rounded off the evening, before heading home in the chill winds.




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