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How to Promote Yourself to Reps & Commissioners Abi Pearl, GiffGaff; Kate Elson & Kavya Chauhan

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Who should watch? New directors and all filmmakers who want to expand their professional network.

What will you learn?
- Aims/ objectives of your personal promotion strategy
- Researching & building a target list
- Online presence: essentials
- Creating content & editorial
- Comms channels - socials & newsletters
- Press & curators
- Face to face conversations

Why you'd be mad to miss this: If you have a nagging feeling that your personal branding could be a bit better, or if you've ever felt full-on frustrated, confused, angry, depressed about your communications strategy and professional network, then you should come to this talk. Kate knows how to create your personal marketing & PR strategy, Kayva is a whizz at social media, and Abi gets numerous cold calls & emails, and will tell us which approaches get cut-through.

It really is 60 minutes of superb advice & guidance, from world-class experts.

Here's the full length recording:

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