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How to Write Great Treatments:

Jen & Andy from Las Bandas, plus Nicholas Lam from Hound Content

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Who should watch? New directors, producers. Commissioners and production companies looking for new talent.

What will you learn? How to write successful treatments - Jen (Las Bandas LA) & Andy (Las Bandas UK) give clear advice, with examples of successful narrative & video pitches from up & coming superstar director Nicholas Lam of Hound Content, repped by Jen & Andy.

Las Bandas have a formidable roster of directors across the US, UK and Europe - they help craft the best treatments in the business.

Why you'd be mad to miss this: You'll know you're presenting your ideas in the best possible way when you're next bidding for commercial work.

As always, this is a rare opportunity to learn insider tips from world experts - and to ask questions and connect


We're also joined by Milo Blake, a new director selected for promotion by our industry experts.

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Insider info includes:

- What are the two aims of a treatment?

- How long?

- How many words? How many pictures?

- Who reads your treatment?

- Should you compromise your ideas?

See the full-length livestream recording on YouTube or via our Facebook community group.

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