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ICA, Tips for Freelancers

ICA/ Playback discussion

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Leading new filmmakers ran a fantastic discussion about the pros, cons and practicalities of working freelance, for the ICA's Playback festival and chaired by Caroline from Shiny Awards.

Some of London's most exciting emerging directors Ashleigh Jadee, Iggy and Almass Badat shared their experience and gave great advice & insider tips to the audience of fellow filmmakers - who in turn shared their questions & experiences.

The session was recorded in full by the ICA - listen on soundcloud.

Subjects covered include:

How do you build a career as an artist while paying your bills?

Advice on managing your own finances, maintaining a healthy workload and building your brand and business.

ashleigh jadee almass badat ica freelancer playback
iggy ashleigh jadee ica freelancer playback
iggy ashleigh jadee ica freelancer playback
ica freelancer  iggy london caroline bottomley shiny
ica freelancer playback random acts

Photo credits: Playback Festival 2018, images by Elzbieta Piekacz

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