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'In Response (Yanit)'

by Creative Until Death

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Industry comments:


Drone set up at the opening works extremely well and feels sensitive of the topic. What is more successful for me is the echo/ multiple voices in the audio allows for the piece to have real poignancy. |BBC Studios

Really loved the story and it had me glued to the screen the whole time. Such a tragic tale and creating art from it hopefully helps bring attention to the situation. I wish the cinematography and colour grade was a little more consistent. There are some beautiful shots at the beginning and at the end. |Boldly

This is really a beautiful. The photography, the documentary storytelling as visual poem, the use of the audio with layered narrators, it's all quite effective in bringing view to replace over represented visuals in the news. The use of the drone is also quite interesting as an overview and sense of migratory camera giving flipping our perspective. It's quite lovely and merits repeat watching. I would love to see this in an art gallery or museum as part of a larger show expanding the view of Syria. |Psyop

Watch 'In Response (Yanit):

in response (yanit) by creative until death

An award-winning poetry film about the death of Syrian refugee Alan Kurdi.


Director's bio:

I am a poet, filmmaker, novelist and owner of the film collective Creative Until Death. I am currently freelancing and working on the post production for Creative Until Death's film'Search'a moving portrait documentary about people of colour living and working in Seoul, South Korea.

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