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Inside Branded Commissioning

'Stussy x Nike'

Shelflife, South Africa; Marc Sidelski, South Africa

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A fresh and funny take on the cliched genre of sportswear branded content, 'Stussy x Nike' has got a lot of industry attention. Marc and Nick, director and client, take us through the story of the commission, from the original brief via the treatment, storyboard and BTS stills to final delivery and commercial value.

We're also joined by Sophia Carr-Gomm, up & coming director of the very excellent Shiny Pick short 'Mine', currently doing the festival rounds.

Ends with the breakout networking rooms.

There's really excellent insider info useful for any director living near a city with a Nike store - and of course a ton of other interesting information that's useful for new directors on the up.

See the livestream recording on YouTube or Facebook.

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Links for the guests:
About Sophia
Sophia's film 'Mine'

About Marc
Marc & Nick's film
Nick's business, Shelflife

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