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Inside Charity Commissioning:

Lucrecia Taormina from Friend, Rickie Marsden & John Osborne from ad agency The Gate

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Who should watch? New directors, producers, commissioners and production companies.
What will you learn? How a charity brief is created, why a particular treatment is selected. The role of the agency and where they look for new director talent - what does a director bring to a branded content/ charity idea? The benefits of being a signed director. How this idea changed from conception to production. How are videos for charities different to videos for brands? How directors manage clients and vice versa.
Why you'd be mad to miss this: You'll get detailed insights into the commissioning process for a much-praised video, and you'll learn more about briefs for charity videos and where to find them

This is a one-off opportunity to gain practical insights from industry award-winners - and to ask questions and connect .


We're also joined by Naomi Waring, a new director who submitted her video and was then selected by our industry experts.


See the full-length livestream recording on YouTube or via our Facebook community group.


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