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KAM-BU Different dir: Milo Blake

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Director's description of video:

The video is meant to be a playful representation of the track’s assertion of uniqueness. These are artists on the move so the use of motion control and 360 degree cinematography, with its ability to create distinctly unusual perspectives complimented this idea.

Director's Bio:

Recently graduated from Ravensbourne last year, have been directing as a passion for 3 years, was fortunate enough to have my work shown at SXSW last year and am now looking to continue in that vein, working on more music videos, short films, and branded content.

The video fits well with the track and I really like the variation of shots. There's a strong aesthetic for the interiors and the falling sideways thing is eye-catching if a bit hit & miss. Great track.


Good song / enjoyed the black & white and 360 camera move.


Liked the aesthetic and the neat transitions

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