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'Love Love Love' dir: Kasey Lum

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Lovely video! Brilliant direction and cinematography, excelent acting and great edit. Really enjoyed the story.


Beautifully shot, great performance, not the most original concept but doesn't matter as works beautifully and suits the song perfectly.
A nice little idea with a cool rug pull! Definitely close but story didn't quite wrap up for me, ending was a little too mystifying and unexplained, I'd love to know what it was he put on the bed?!

Director's Description of Video:

A lonely mime receives a mysterious package that fills his life with meaning and love.

Director's Bio:

I graduated from Vancouver Film School in 2010, began editing and compositing with multiple companies since then, including Weiden and Kennedy and have now begun creating music videos and commercials with Vancouver-based production company Boldly.

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