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Meet Me At The Stairs Dir: Jesse Hunt

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Director's Bio:

Jesse is a 32-year-old filmmaker living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He found his way to filmmaking by way of cinematography and photography which is what has allowed him to craft work that tends to be rooted strong imagery and relatable life experience. In 2012 Jesse underwent a life-altering kidney transplant and since then he has been working at building a career directing projects that are true to his instincts in crafting cinematic visuals and telling stories that are not only authentic but emotionally driven and real.

Director's Description of Video:

Meet Me At The Stairs is a profile piece that features my wife, an essential emergency worker for Toronto EMS. We've been living in isolation from each other for 80+ days and even though we are still living in the same house, being so close but still so far comes with its own set of challenges.

Created during lockdown, the film explores the anxiety that comes with being an essential worker during a worldwide pandemic and coping with the sacrifices you must make to keep your family members safe.

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