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Meet The Commissioners: Becky Owen from Facebook, Dan Curwin from Atlantic Records

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Who should watch? New directors, producers, commissioners and production companies.
What will you learn?
The day to day life of a leading branded content commissioner and a music video commissioner. What's the same and what's different? What are their key problems and concerns? How often are they commissioning, who are their clients? What are the commissions they're proud of, especially where new director talent is involved? What budgets are they working with and how often do they work with new directors. Where do they look for new director talent and what makes it work taking the risk with new talent.
Why you'd be mad to miss this: These people are leaders in branded content commissioning and music video commissioning. Most people will never get a chance to hear their thoughts about commissioning and what makes a great director.

We're also joined by Shan Phearon, new director selected by our industry experts, for his video One Acen 'Nigeria'

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