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Meet The Commissioners: Chris Watling from Droga5, John Moule Music Video Commissioner

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Meet The Commissioners

Wed 4th November

17:00 GMT, 13:00 ET, 10:00 PT

Here's the recording from the live event:


Who should watch? New directors who want more music video and branded content commissions, new business people.
What will you learn? What kind of work do this music video commissioner and branded content commissioner commission, how often do they look for new directors, where do they look for new directors? John (John Moule) is one of the most knowledgable music video commissioners on the planet. Chris (LinkedIn) knows more than most about commissioning branded content - previously MD for BBH's trailblazing Black Sheep Studios, he's now Head of Production for Droga5.

Why you'd be mad to miss this: Wherever you're based in the world, you'll learn ways to find commissions for music videos and brands. You'll learn what makes a pitch more likely to be commissioned.


As always, this is a rare opportunity to learn insider tips from world experts - and to ask questions and connect .

Also featuring Pat Campo, recent winner of the New Director Showcase, and his winning video The New Norm

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