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MIDEA U 'OPEN & SHUT' dir: Kevork Aslanyan

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Loved this, a really creative way of making a somewhat 'boring' product interesting and light hearted. The use of the song really made the campaign and the mixed media effects throughout really brought everything together.

Warner Music Entertainment

"Definitely a high level of craft for this spot and its clear there was a healthy budget to achieve this. The VFX is well done, the choreography between characters and the movement of the camera is impressive. The colour palette and art direction is beautiful and all very cohesive. I don't think its the most creative or original song, but I enjoy everyones separate experiences and seeing how everyone adapts. I think it could've been much tighter as a 60"."

Wieden + Kennedy

Awesome job on all the effects and storyline. Enjoyed watching the video and wasn't even aware it was for a product until the end. Pretty perfect execution!​


Director's Description of the Video:

In our industry is such a rare privilege and opportunity to get your hands on that much of a juicy script. YES, they open and shut, the windows I mean. ​

Director's Bio:

I got my BA in film and TV editing at the NATFA, in 2009 (Sofia, Bulgaria). Done some pretty cool jobs all over the spectrum, but the cherry there for me was in feature film. I did three of those that I am very proud of, still. In 2012 I’ve finished the LFA as a writer & director (London, UK). That was inevitable, as an editor I had the chance to work with a lot first time directors, that actually got me the buzz that I can do it. So, I did and just recently got signed with B2Y Productions — Bulgaria, Dynamic Frame — Switzerland and Match — Germany & Austria.

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