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New Director Showcase: judged by Compulsory, Somesuch & OB Management

Lee Fairweather, Andre Reid-McKinley & Sam Davey

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Showcasing the best videos from new directors worldwide, as selected by our industry network.

We're joined by three of the world's leading industry reps & agents, who select three overall winners live during the showcase.

Here's the recording from the live event


Gabriel Crawford-Connelly LA, 'Beach Break' for Julietta

Pat Campo LA, 'The New Norm'

Prashanti Aswani Ldn, 'Machi' (currently submitting to festivals so only the trailer is public)

Screening directors:

Peregrine McCafferty Ldn, Paris, Message
Serafima Serafimova Ldn, Freeze Frame
Delia Simonetti Milan, Ldn, Foreplay
Joe Petrilla LA, Drain Trouble
Evangeline Williams One of Us (festival circuit/ not avlb) Ldn,
Gabriel Crawford-Connelly LA, Beach Break
Elliott Gonzo Ldn, Nothing But Thieves
Pat Campo LA, The New Norm
Prashanti Aswani Ldn, Machi (trailer only)


Lee Fairweather, Directors Rep @Compulsory

Sam Davey, Directors Rep @OB Management

Andre Reid-McKinley, Directors Rep @Somesuch

All high-scoring videos are shortlisted. Selections are then made across categories of gender, ethnicity, ability, age & class to ensure a diverse respresentation of new talent.


If you or someone you know would like to submit to Shiny's monthly New Director Showcase, just click on 'submit video' in the menu

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