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'Physical Thoughts' by Anne Hollowday

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Industry comments:

One word: beautiful. This film is engaging, emotive, so delicately put together with incredible visuals and a beautiful technique of storytelling. I want to work with Anne Hollowday! | Cylndr
Beautiful piece. Very honest and delicate. Peaceful shots mixed with nice grading. It flows very well. Love the different sound mix for the voiceover. | Unit 9

Very artistic, beautifully shot. Great edit. Meaningful contemplation on art and the nature of it. | Harbor Picture Company

Watch Physical Thoughts:

Physical Thoughts Anne Hollowday

Director's description of Physical Thoughts:

A dancer reflects on a recent injury in this short documentary shot on 35mm and super 16mm.

Director's bio:

Anne Hollowday is an unsigned NYC based director specializing in making cinematic, emotive films that capture the freshness of a lived encounter.

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