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'Redrum Unit 22' by Red Filgate

for Patchbay Records

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Interesting, unique and dynamic. Really enjoyed the dynamic camera work within this animated world. I thought the story telling was interesting and like the music itself, the film transported you into a whole new upside down world. Really well put together and thought through. Each scene was something new and interesting. The figurines themselves still felt a little rough around the edges but an incredible achievement for what I'm presuming was a small budget.   

The Elephant Room

Loved the way you played with the elements. The storyline is solid and it keeps your attention all the time. Good timing and pace. The cinematography could have more attention to make it a masterpiece.


Incredible, the design was spot on, loved it throughout! Very funny and brilliant timing, particularly loved the spliff, feeling very sorry for the guy raving alone

Dream Team

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Winner 'Best Animation' Shiny Awards 2020

Red Filgate is currently studying film at Manchester University

Red Filgate
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