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Sé de un Lugar DIR: Joaquín Luna, Selected by; Odelay, Little Dot Studios & Radical

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Director's Bio:

Determined to trap an internal moment, photographer and director Joaquín Luna captures confessional compositions where the essence of individuals and environments intermingle with the artist’s own psyche. These existential inquiries are investigated through melancholic visual arrangements imbued with ambiguity, where decontextualized settings and isolated personalities delineate notions of disconnection. A sense of complexity is further encouraged by opposing muted and saturated colors, intentional and coincidental configurations, and hiding what is expected to be revealed, altogether gapping information and playing with tensions between reality and fiction. His work externalizes a faceless self-portrait.

-Words by Vanessa Murrell-

Director's Description of Video:

Time passes, the clock hands don't stop ticking, and don't turn back. We didn't either. We still have to close our eyes.


Blurred experiences and clear memories join three people in this music video.

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