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'Serious Tingz' by Abdou Cisse

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I love this film, everything from the sound design, titles and the cinematography is well thought out and delivers a cohesive message and narrative the viewer is drawn to. After watching, Im interested to know more about what this filmmaker will do. Wieden & Kennedy

Great film making all round and a refreshing concept and approach. Beautifully shot and cast with strong use of imagery and graphic use of locations. Really powerful and moving to watch.

The Shop

Great pacing, engaging story and voice-over. Enter this short into festivals if you haven't already. I could see it playing as a short before a feature at doc festivals around the world

Prism Prize

Watch 'Serious Tingz'

Winner 'Best Drama/ Documentary', 'Best Unsigned Director' and 'Audience Award' Shiny Awards 2020

Abdou Cisse is currently working at Media Arts Labs UK

Abdou Cisse
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