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Shiny Awards off to a winning start!

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The Shiny Awards kicked off to an enthusiastic and sold-out house of music video & advertising people at The Mill.

These first Shiny Awards attracted just off 300 entries from unsigned and recently signed directors worldwide.

Over 100 judges, selected from across the music video and advertising industries, rated all the videos and gave written feedback to each entrant.

40 videos scored highly enough to reach the shortlist and 30 leading industry professionals selected the screeners & winners.

Caroline Bottomley, organiser said:

“The winning video for the unsigned category has generated a huge amount of interest, as have many other shortlisted directors.

The jurors and the audience all commented on the great quality of the shortlist. I think everyone who came was very happy!"


Best unsigned directors:

Curtis Essel & Daniel Aremas for Tariq Disu ‘Livestream’

Commissioned by the artist

"...This director duo are a genuine and exciting, brand-new discovery..."

- now signed to US/UK reps Las Bandas -

Joint best diversity director:

Fanny Hoetzeneder for ‘Turtle: Bloodtype’

Production company Knucklehead

Commissioned by Ali Raymond @Beatnik Creative

Joint best diversity director:

Nadia Lee Cohen for Dram ft A$AP Rocky ‘Gilligan’

Production company Academy/ A+

Commissioned by Joseph Boyd @Atlantic Records

Best recent signing:

Fergal Costello Brave Giant 'The Time I Met The Devil’

Production company Gas & Electric

Commissioned by the band


Jury for Shiny Awards 2018 The Mill
Jury for Shiny Awards 2018 The Mill
Jury for Shiny Awards 2018 The Mill



Best unsigned director:

Curtis Essel & Daniel Aremu/ DCRM for Tariq Disu

Nominated unsigned directors:

Sander Houtkruijer for Clark

Remii Huang for Guo Ding

Joint best new signings:

Fergal Costello at Gas & Electric for Brave Giant

Isaiah Seret at Biscuit Filmworks for Alt J

Nominated new signing:

Alexander Darby at Joyrider for XY&O

Joint best diversity directors:

Fanny Hoetzeneder at Knucklehead for Bloodtype

Nadia Lee Cohen at Academy/A+ for Dram ft A$AP Rocky

Nominated diversity director:

Mahaneela Choudhury at JFC Worldwide for Denai Moore

- now signed to Academy Films -

Audience Award

Bennett Johnson at Park Village for Foreign Fields

Other shortlisted unsigned directors:

Abraham Marcos for XXI Century Blood

Amiel Kestenbaum for Land of the Fairies

Andrew Rutter for Ultrasound

Christopher Arcella for Fisher

Darrell Lee Hall for Sweet Play

Delphine Muller for Robot Koch

Eivind Landsvik for Daniel Kvammen

Eric Cannon for Life is Beautiful Festival

Etienne Fu-Le Saulnier for Next is Best

Gary Verby for I AM KODE

Jonathan Nix for Sola

Justin Snowball for Wons Freely & The Horses

Kun Xia for student project/ trailer for The Imitation Game

Milo Blake & Magdalena Zielinska for Tahir

Rachel Kessler for Mari World

Scarycat for Hider

Sean Clancy for I Am Harlequin

Serge Vane for Bloom Twins

Sven Dreesbach & Philipp Primus for Fortnite

Theo Gee for Mishkin Fitzgerald

Tom Edkins for Hugo Valentine

Other shortlisted new signings

Lamar & Nik at Agile Films

Loic Andrieu at Soldats & Academy Films

Sasha Rainbow at Academy Films

Tomas Whitmore at Bullion

Yags at Merman


Shiny Awards Feb 2018 shortlist on Vimeo
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