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Shoreditch House, London

Motion Picture panel

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This panel discussion took place at Shoreditch House, London, as part of Motion Picture's celebration of film and music ahead of the curve.

Motion Picture's Almass Badat invited Caroline from Shiny to run the panel at Shoreditch House, during the day and night jam-packed with inspiring speakers, amazing creatives, and fantastic DJs.

The panel looked at work that pays rent - where it's coming from, how you find it and who you need to know.

Discussion ranged across the rise of the well-connected freelancer, the growth of 'in-house' production at agencies and at brands, the importance of curators, and how to draw on funding support for non-commercial projects.

It drew on the significant expertise of three movers & shakers:

Jordan McGarry, former Vimeo Staff Picks curator and now Head of Talent Development at Film London.

Inder Phull, co-founder of KRPT, winners of the IMS Visionaries Award.

Katy Sumption, co-founder of The Elephant Room, previously Creative Director at Iris.

Inder & Katy's companies both take a radically new approach to working with emerging creative talent.

See also write-ups by Kelechi Ehenulo of the event's six 'tentpole' films, at Confessions from a Geek Mind

All pictures credited to Ben Walsh, except when stated otherwise.

Picture credit: Ben Walsh

Picture credit Ben Hurst

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