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Spring Studios, London


SHINYlist round 4/ 'Video & stills commissioning crossover' Q&A

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The prettiest venue for a SHINY event so far!

The SHINYlist videos drew unanimous praise from the audience for the extremely high quality of the videos and the range of work. Videos included brand work, animation, charity films, funded shorts and music videos. It was great to screen work from a current student, a very recent graduate and 2 videos from directors who have only just signed to Division Paris and Premiere Heure.

Details about the screenings aren't available online anymore. Instead, videos and their directors are added to the SHINYlist and they're promoted via email to a select list of brand commissioners, ad agencies, production companies, reps and subscribers.

The SHINYlist is made up of the highest scoring videos, as judged by our jury network over the last 12 months, and goes to key roster reps and content commissioners worldwide.

The panel were a great mix of commissioners, roster reps and career enablers. During the panel Q&A audience questions included: how necessary is it to be skilled in video AND photography, is it better to be signed or freelance, is it better to go direct to brands or to work via a production company, how does Panavision support emerging directors?

As always, the event finished in networking and connections, with a jam-packed bar.




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