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'Still Life' dir: Serafima Serafimova

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I liked this one very much. The pace is pretty good, also the characters and the choreography drawn.


Beautifuly crafted, expressive and joyful, it had me hooked instantly. Only criticism would be that perhaps there’s room to developed the idea further, even more drawing styles, more colour, painting...? (appriciate that you have to stop somewhere though, the time this must have taken my GOD!), it does work great like this though, very snappy and concise.


fresh, original. watchable and beautiful


Director's Description of Film:

Still Life is a rotoscope animation celebrating the privilege and beauty of free movement in the wake of the paralysing impact of COVID-19

Director's Bio:

I live and breathe short films and animations, and when iI'm not animating them or cutting them in the edit suite I'm usually watching or writing about them

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