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SunnySide dir: Danny Baldwin

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Great characters and storytelling. I wonder if an occasional moment of each character talking to camera would have helped deepen their emotional resonance. I felt like I wanted to understand them a little more intimately and authentically. Perhaps actuality of them trying to describe their feelings to each other? That might have introduced a 'rawness' that I was craving.


Very nice documentary style feel to it. Solid pace as well.


Really touching. Definitely welled up in parts! Nothing groundbreaking here but wonderfully executed and I liked the restraint of the 8mm for the profiles. Style was apt and the use of cutaways and flashback moments were used beautifully in the edit with great sensitivity to the subject.


Director's Description of the Video:

SunnySide is a film about the importance of finding your tribe - the doc dips into the stories of a few characters who find home in an amazing communal shed that effortlessly fights loneliness.

Director's Bio:

I’m London based director, currently working in house at 3angrymen productions.

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