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THE SAMURIDER: An Origin Story dir: Jack Retallack

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"Powerful, stunning, honest and empowering. An inspiring film which has been made in a way that thinks outside the box, unlike so many other short doc style profiles - my dramatising the story the director really has the audience engaged from the get go."

Warner Music Entertainment​

"A beautifully crafted film about a woman's redemption and rebirth! Love it! A strong black female story, beautifully told. My only critique would be for the flashback scenes of before the accident, with the lighting and set design told in almost a dramatic / dreamy way I think didn't quite work for me. This is only a matter of opinion. But the shots of her in the bedroom felt a bit overdone, and bc they felt dreamy it didn't feel as real and raw as it would've been in reality, I would've liked to see the more realness of those moments, the colour of the wall paper, the messy room, the dirt, the depression, a more visceral scene would've made it more compelling. Even the office moments, maybe shot on film, not as polished would've worked better - but only in my opinion. Overall, a great story, well told, and perfect length of time."

Wieden & Kennedy​

"Beautiful story and portrayed greatly. I think I missed just a slight connection with the main talent. Feeling her true power and hurt. It was there but I think with some more intimate and painfully quiet shots it would add.​"


Director's Description of the film:

This short film is a dream-like retelling of the metamorphosis of Shaina West, from office worker to real-life superhero: The Samurider.

Director's Bio:

I started out in television and learnt the basics there, before attempting to break into the ads world. I made some films for the Royal Marines and a sports brand, then was signed by OB Management at the beginning of last year.

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