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'There's Something Going Around' dir: Anthony Rubinstein

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Great concept, brilliant use of stock footage, well written, superbly edited. An uplifting film on a troubled subject. Nice to have the positves of all this highlighted. Well done!
Rattling Stick

This is excellent work. Visual effects, editing and structure are quality, and it really takes you on a fluid journey when coupled with the voiceover.
The Kusp

Fantastic work on the edit! Great video.
Young Guns

Director's description of the video:

We tried our best to capture the way that the Great British Public responds to the crisis of a generation - turns out that's through incessant memes, forming orderly queues and building eccentric contraptions in our gardens.

Director's Bio:

I’m a London based director & editor - I graduated in 2016, spent two years at Red Bull Media House and have been happily freelancing on commercials, docs, branded content and music videos since 2018. ​

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