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'Virtuous Circle' by Farhad Ghaderi

for Jordan Klassen

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The story isn't the most original but the style in which it is told is more so. It is a short film powered by the pace and energy of the music which is great to see, as many promos don't tell a strong story. The look and feel also helps pull out the characters and emotion. I think many people can relate to this. I loved it. A few of our directors wish they made it.   

Thomas Thomas

I thought this was really great. Beautifully shot, had a good pace and was really engaging all the way through.

Studio Yes

Beautiful, moving story about the typical brother’s love and support. Nice shots and locations. Really liked the moment where the brothers are running in the forest as well as the camera flashbacks idea when taking a part in the competition. Good music and actors choice. Very nice, sometimes sad and emotional story. Good grade, kept in just one style.

1st Avenue Machine

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Winner 'Best Music Video' Shiny Awards 2020

Farhad Ghaderi is a new signing to Film Boldly

Farhad Ghaderi
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