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'Waves' dir: Jessie Ayles

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Wow what a film. Beautifully shot. Had me hooked from the first second. Engaging and emotionally charged throughout. Heartbreaking, Scary yet beautiful at the same time. Loved it. Rattling Stick

A thoroughly immersive experience, with very powerful shots and the sound design added an extra layer to the experience. I would love to see what else this filmmaker is working on.

The Kusp

Extremely powerful, beautiful aesthetic

Young Guns

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Director's words on the film:

Filmed in Cape Town's notorious Lavender Hill, Waves explores the perspective of three young girls as they grow up together in one of South Africa's most violent communities.

Director's Bio:

I specialise in telling socially conscious stories and highlighting marginalised voices with the aim of creating an impact and awareness through my work. I'm currently working in both the documentary and branded world, and have just joined Third Channel. ​

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