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Which Awards Are Worth The Cost?

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In this filmmaker-focused event, we meet up with the shortlisted and winning directors from Shiny's last New Director Showcase.

We discuss with them, and with you the audience;

- Why enter work for awards or festivals? What makes Awards worth winning?
- What are your best and worst experiences from entering awards?
- Has winning or being shortlisted for any awards affected your career, in a big or small way? How?
- What are the things to consider when planning an Awards strategy? Should you have a strategy?
- Which awards and festivals for SHORT video (ie not features) would you recommend and why?
- How many awards & festivals have you entered in last 6/ 12 months? How much do you spend?
- How else do you promote your videos?
- How to extract maximum value from winning or being shortlisted.
- How to create an Awards strategy.
- Which Awards are worth the cost?

Who should watch? New directors and filmmakers

What will you learn? A lot about Film Festivals & Awards and how to maximise your expenditure on this aspect of your promotion

Why you'd be mad to miss this: It's a chance to hang out with other up & coming filmmakers in a relatively safe space. There's the featured discussion, and longer than usual themed breakout sessions to maximise the social features of this get-together.

Full-length recording here

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