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WHO AM I dir: Ignas Laugalis

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This is great. The energy and momentum of the edit and the cinematography is first class. Would like to have understood a little more about the characters. To have directed, DOP'd and (I'm assuming) edited this is an incredible achivement. Well done.
You've chosen really intense visuals that there didn't need to be a script to fully understand the concept and sentiment behind it, which is great. Loved how it was cut and the pace of it.
This is fucking GREAT. Masterful use of the medium and such powerful use of narrative and aestetic contrasts. Loved it. Don't change a thing.

Director's Bio:

I’m a Director and DOP based in Ireland. I spent years teaching myself editing then graduated a BA in Film and Screen Media Studies in 2017. Since then I spent my time doing Freelance, working for a Video Production Company and creating as many passion projects as possible. I love visual storytelling and believe the most mundane subject matter can be made into something special.

Director's Description of Video:

Exploring intimacy and lust, as a superficial front eluding the fear of being alone.

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