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'Woody Woodpecker' for Taxi B

by Manuel Tatasciore

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Industry comments:

Weird and wonderful, the exploration of animation techniques and camera tricks greatly compliment each other and work with the randomness of the music track. A great video that showcases a director who has a real bravery about using different styles but the confidence to execute them well and tell a sort of lose narrative at the same time. | Cylndr

Super eye catching - unsual and gripping. I like that it's unexpected. The first image is misleading but in a good way. I also felt a bit uneasy and at the same time it also made me smile. | Unit 9

Fantastic. Surprising. Lends an air of surreality and humanity to the music that really enhances it. Uber engaging. Well done graphically, Excellent edit. | Harbor Picture Company

Watch Woody Woodpecker for Taxi B:

Taxi B Woody Woodpecker

WOODY WOODPECKER was born with the aim of analyzing the impact of drugs at an individual level.

Drugs as an absurd means of determining the individual in a grotesque social context, where the substance becomes an instrument of the person's acceptance.

Director's bio:

I was born in 1994, graduated in 2017 in Economics and Management, at the LUISS Guido Carli University in Rome. I’m also an ex pro-motorcycle rider.
I am currently a freelance director and producer (I’m Pizda Production’s owner, a little production company founded in 2019). I’ve mostly worked on music videos but also video art and ads.
Through my work I have the chance to show what I feel, my innermost side. I love playing with people, with social constructs, contradictions. In my works the anxieties of modern society are shown as they are, devoid of moralism and with the intent to determine a sense of alienation in the spectator.
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