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Toby Allen, ECD at AMVBBDO interviews Thessa Meijer, director at HALAL

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Toby Allen, multi, multi-award-winning Deputy ECD at AMVBBDO interviews Thessa Meijer, new director signing at HALAL, about her career trajectory to date, how it feels to be signed and what Toby looks for in the directors he places at the helm of major ad campaigns.
Ends with the breakout networking rooms.
We're also joined by Felix Brady, up & coming director of a Shiny selected video

Excellent insider info includes how to get on the pitch list at ad agencies, and once you're there, how to catch a CD's eye

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Links for the guests:

- Imagen, Jay's business:
- About Felix
- Felix' film 'Miss Da Sun' for Greentea Peng
- Viva la Vulva
Thessa's films:
- The Walking Fish teaser
- Heat teaser
- A&T Take Another Look


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